Your Premium Modular Expandable  

Energy Balancing System 

Imagine a smarter way of doing relaxing and energy visualization. That’s what QUEX S is all about. Smartly enhancing your workflow. Taking energetic, close-up and overview rendering. Providing intelligent and augmented insights. While remaining uniquely affordable, accessible and modular expandable. QUEX S is ingeniously designed to expand your expertise. 


  • Standard Omnis software and standard report included,  

  • Extendable software modules 

  • 2 frequency generators, simultaneous input and output,  

  • 1 Hz-450.000 Hz frequency range 

  • ECG chip, highest standard, safe and effective 

THE modular expandable device 

visualizing the invisible 


Work smarter and faster


Efficient and effective verification
Use QUEX S for fast and intelligent relaxing and energy verification. This groundbreaking multispectral digital verification software handles every task, improving efficiency and dependability. Deviations are charted in different graphics and display modes, making documentation and follow-up smoother and smarter. This also promotes your professional credibility, reinforcing your reputation as a therapist that patients can trust.


Integrated structural standard reporting
Reduce manual paperwork and administration. With QUEX S, standard reporting and documentation are done automatically. Result? You can work faster, saving both time and money. 

On top of that, the standard report system is expandable to the ultimate advanced report system.  


One device is all you need
No more hassle with switching devices or alternative informational sources. From now on, you’ll only need one device to take any kind of visualization when screening customers. Whether it’s a energetic image, close-up or relaxing overview picture of any body part.

Smart linking

More intuitive comparisons & revolutionary decision making
Gain insights by tracking the evolution of energetic deviations effectively and without effort. With QUEX S, visualization comparison (e.g. taken now vs 6 months ago, energetic vs. relaxing) is so easy – no change will go unnoticed


  • Omnis software
    The largest and most connecting factorial software in the market

Additional QX WORLD OMNIS modules for QUEX S
with which you can easily expand the functionality and scope

  • Bodyviewer 
    A program that works together with the main therapy software, opens with a separate icon exe file, meant to be on display for the patient to see, usually on a separate monitor than the doctor’s, plays high quality videos and animations about current health problems, anatomical videos, showing recovery of various tissue or health problems, or the way the disease works in several health issues, has a possibility for light treatment (for example animations of cholesterol in the blood).  
  • Iridology
    A program that works together with the main therapy software, opens with a separate icon exe file, shows pictures, mostly focused on eye issues, iridology, different eye conditions, therefore the name, has a possibility for light treatment.  
  • Disease dictionary
    A program that works together with the main therapy software, opens with a separate icon exe file, main function is library, definition of diseases and recommended treatments, has a possibility for light treatment
  • BIG
    A program that works together with the main therapy software, and shows the real time activity during the session, for eg the harness connectivity, frequencies during therapy, and a real time view of issues while the main program is running.  
  • Home Use
    A program that works together with the main therapy software, opens with a separate icon exe file, it is a scanner for degenerative tissue in the body, offers treatment and explanations, definitions. 
  • Degen. Scan
    A program that works together with the main therapy software, opens with a separate icon exe file, it is a scanner for degenerative tissue in the body, offers treatment and explanations, definitions.   
  • Advanced report
    Includes reports from the different panels of the program, showing improvements, trends, making it easy for the therapist to have an overview over each patient. Shows therapy improvements, rectifications, progress of patient over time, repeating problems, lifestyle tracker.   


Additional QX WORLD OMNIS stand-alone software for QUEX S 

  • Prayer
    The Prayer is the digital version of a Tibetan Prayer Wheel. Using only the resources available from the computer (no hardware attached) the program sends out frequencies and prayers for patients. There is a possibility to add a person as a patient, add your own prayers of positive affirmations, and allocate one person to specific prayers/affirmations. It is not a religious program, it uses the power of the word (hololinguistics) to generate positive vibes for one’s loved ones or patients.   
  • Anti-S
    A program designed for alleviating the stress associated with quitting smoking. Works with a hardware, and is a simple procedure that tests and treats, inverting the process of desiring to smoke to a total repulsion towards it. Results are quickly achieved in an average of 6 therapy sessions. Entire session takes 20-25 minutes.
  • Sapphire
    The Beauty Rejuvenation software is used together with our devices. There are studies that show that microcurrent and different vibrational frequencies have an effect on several beauty related factors, collagen, elastin, tonus, muscle firmness. The system combines the medical part of the devices with stress reduction techniques that together achieve visible results in as much as 1 session. The S-enso (previously known as Sapphire) won 2 beauty awards in Hungary and is backed up by a series of case reports conducted in Budapest by a doctor that show significant results in parameters and visual appearance, validated with 2 medical devices.   
  • Veterinary
    A program designed for animals and farming, works like the main software, has the possibility to detect and alleviate with treatment, for a wide range of animals and related ailments.   
  • 2 frequency generators
    Therapy is done on different threads, simultaneously from the 2 frequency generators, which adapt to the response the system receives through the harnesses 
  • Lissajous, Programmable Waveforms, Square, Spike, Sinus, Saw 
    The Lissajous curve the device can produce describes the complex harmonic motion that is created when the 2 frequency generators work together with a frequency difference between the 2 and constant adaptation
  • Freq range 1 Hz  450.000 Hz
    Higher frequencies cover a range of stress related aspects that can be addressed
  • ECG chip 
    A chip measured and approved according to the current regulations and standards to be safe and effective to use
  • Communication improved 
    The communication between the device and the computer is 2 times faster compared to the previous model
  • Sampling function 
    Precise sampling function, that greatly increases the quality of the measurements
  • Designed Test Plate 
    Designed to include the connection for the accessories, that are connected through safety banana plugs. It can interpret the signals sent and received in a higher resolution than any other device on the market 
  • Safety banana plugs 
    Tested and approved to the newest standard of Electrical Safety required by the current regulations
  • IEC 60601-1
    Tested and approved for Medical electrical equipment Part 1-6, General requirements for safety – Collateral Standard: Usability 
  • IEC 60601-2-26 
    Tested and approved for Particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of electroencephalographs
  • EN 60601-1-2:2015
    Tested and approved for 30-1000 MHz, Class A, Tested and approved for Modulation: PM 18Hz and 217Hz, Tested and approved for 6 Veff 0.15 – 80 MHz Modulation: 1 kHz, 80 % AM, Tested and approved for ±15 kV air, ±8 kV contact


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